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June 1, 2010




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Naš dobrovolník Hannes na titulní stránce roční zprávy Živé paměti 2009. Hannes od září 2008 do srpna 2009 pracoval v Českých Budějovicích se Živou pamětí a Charitou. (viz hostitelské projekty)

Unser Freiwilliger Hannes auf der Titelseite des Jahresberichtes 2009 der Organisation Živá pamět’, übersetzt Lebendige Erinnerung. Hannes war von September 2008 bis August 2009 Servitus- und ASF-Freiwilliger in Budweis, wo er mit Živá pamět’ und der Charitas zuasmmen arbeitete.

Our volunteer Hannes on the first page of the 2009 annual report of Živá pamět’ (Living Memory). Hannes was volunteering from september 2008 until august 2009 with Živá pamět’ and Charity in Budweis.

Hannes s klientem.


seminar in Řehlovice 2009

December 18, 2009


English article

What a week! From may, 21st until may, 28th the group of Servitus volunteers gathered in Řehlovice to spend together the yearly evaluation seminar. Aaron, Anna and Anna, Betty, Christian, Clara, Hannes, Joke, Lucas, Nora, Rebeka, Urla as well as we, Zuzana and Klaudia from the Prague office, enjoyed a wonderful time cooking, laughing, reading, learning, discussing, hiking, thinking and simply being.

The kulturní centrum Řehlovice is an old farm 10 km from Ústi nad Labem and has been renovated by Lenka Holíková and her family since 1996. It has become an intercultural meeting point for mainly Czech-German-Austrian groups.

We started the programme with an interactive workshop on crossborder history. Řehlovice is situated in the historical Sudetenlands which makes this region an interesting area for German volunteers in the Czech Republic. In order to involve also our volunteers from Hungary we prepared a workshop dealing with Czech-German and Hungarian-Slovakian border-crossing relations in the past and present.

The volunteers independently worked on topics like „German-Czech relations in the Habsburg empire“, „The escalation of Hungarian-Slovakian relations during World War II“ and „The Czech-German realtions after 1989“. For about 2 days the group was studying prepared articles and books dealing with their chosen topics or they researched online. We finished with a chronological presentation of all suptopics which took a long time in the end but which eventually gave us an overview on the historical developments and reasons for nowadays relations between the three mentioned countries.

We completed this part of the seminar with a hiking trip to disappeared former Sudeten villages in the region. Ondřej Matějka from the organisation „Antikomplex“ introduced us to the idea of vanished places in the former Sudetenlands and then led us to one of those places called Ptačí. It was a wonderful trip for the group with great weather and nature combined with historically interesting information and discussion.

The second half of the seminar the group partly was devided into subgroups of ASF and EDYN. The two groups seperately evaluated the individual volunteers projects, talked about special orga details such as EVS and summercamps.

In the evenings and during the self prepared breakfasts and dinners we met and enjoyed the time as being ONE group. We all remember one night, when we prepared our own outdoor stone baked pizza and got then surprised by a huge thunderstorm. It was a great night that we finished dancing!

One evening there was a presentation on Roma history which is an important topic for the Czech society. We underestimated the role of this topic for the Hungarian participants though. There was an emotional discussion on how to talk and think about the Roma-Gadze-relations in general. We however managed to finish constructivly stating that there are different experiences and thus different approaches towards this topic but everybody should think self critically and always ask „Why is that so?“ while being respectful towards the one you are talking to and talking about.

Looking back on this week we can state that the group of volunteers grew together to a group of friends while learning about our shared history and discussing our shared present.

Next year the summer seminar will take place in Řehlovice, again.

text by Zuzana Soběslavská and Klaudia Schümann

Radiobeiträge auf Deutsch

December 17, 2009

in the media

Finden Sie hier zwei interessante Radiobeiträge:


Im ersten Beitrag geht es um einen Arbeitstag der ASF-Freiwilligen Clara, die 2008/2009 einen Freiwilligendienst in der Jüdischen Gemeinde verbracht hat. Janine Kowalke, Studentin und freie Journalistin von Radio Prag, begleitete sie zu einem Klienten nach Hause. Ein grossartiger Beitrag!!

Im zweiten Beitrag wird ein tschechischer Projektpartner aus Ostrava/Nordmähren vor dem Hintergrund seiner Erlebnisse im 2. Weltkrieg vorgestellt. Der Beitrag wurde am 26. November 2009 auf Deutschlandfunk gesendet.


dobrovolníci v Budějovicích 2007-2009

December 17, 2009

in the media

Kliknete na tento odkaz a poslouchejte na vysílání rádia z roku 2009, které představuje dva německé dobrovolníky a její práci v Budějovicích.


Hannes Tholen na stránkách Charity, České Budějovice/Budweis, dobrovolník v letech 2008/2009

Jonathan Schneider na stránkách Charity, České Budějovice/Budweis, dobrovolník  v letech 2007/2008

newsletter 2008/09

October 22, 2009

Digitální dokument: český newsletter období 2008/09

(the attached document is available only in Czech)


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dobrovolníci 2008/09 v českých médiích

October 20, 2009

in the media

Christian Grauer (generace 2008/2009) v české televizi. Pracoval rok se Živou pamětí v Ostravě.

See a TV report on the work of Živá pamět´ (“Living memory”) in Ostrava/Northern Moravia. Christian Grauer, volunteer in 2008/2009, also turns up in the report.

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Dobrovolnice Clara Höltermann (generace 2008/2009) a národní koordinátorka Klaudia Schümann v české televizi. Mluví o práci v Hagiboru.

See the TV report about work with survivors of the Shoa in Prague. Clara Höltermann (volunteer in 2008/2009) talks about her experiences.

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Dobrovolník Hannes Tholen (generace 2008/2009) a jeho práce se Živou pamětí v Českobudějovickách novinách.

Read about Hannes Tholen and his work with Živá pamět’ in Budweis. He has been a volunteer in Budweis in 2008/2009.

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Dobrovolnice Joke Czapla 2008/2009 o své práci se Živou pamětí v Praze.

Joke Czapla, volunteering 2008/2009 with Živá pamět’ (“Living memory”) in Prague.


joke in zeitung 1

joke in zeitung 2